Know what you will spend each and every month

The advantage of a Fixed Fee Managed IT Services Package is that it provides your business with steady, high-quality cybersecurity risk management and IT support, eliminating the worry of variable costs. Essentially, it’s like an all-inclusive buffet for your IT needs— a single payment encompasses all crucial services. This consistency ensures financial predictability and comprehensive IT care, making it an ideal solution for businesses seeking reliable tech support without financial surprises.

Managed IT Services
  • Endpoint Protection
    Security software for your devices that we manage
  • Automated Windows Updates
    Never worry about Windows Updates again
  • 24/7 Network Monitoring
    Constant tracking and analyzing your networks performance & activities
  • Remote Support Available
  • Support tickets & Onsite support available at an hourly rate - minimum order of 3 endpoints
Managed IT Services
  • Everything in the Basic plan, plus:
  • Microsoft 365 Business Premium
    Supercharge your productivity with AI
  • Device Encryption
    Protect the data on your computer
  • Email Authentication (DMARC)
    Ensures your email will be delivered
  • Consulting Services
    Expert advice and solutions provided
  • Unlimited Remote Support
    When you have a problem, we remotely connect and repair
  • Requires a one year commitment - minimum order of 5 endpoints
Managed IT Services
Most Popular
  • Everything in the Pro plan, plus:
  • Proactive Threat Hunting
    Managed detection and response for endpoints
  • Enhanced Email Security
    Protect against phishing & malware
  • Enterprise Password Management
    Protect your business with better password behavior
  • Email, Teams & SharePoint Backups
    Regular backups protect against data loss due to accidental deletion, corruption, or system failures
  • Dark Web Monitoring
    The Dark Web is frequently accessed by criminals of all kinds
  • Requires a one year commitment - minimum order of 5 endpoints
  • Everything in the Ultra plan, plus:
  • Disaster Recovery (BDR)
    We ensure your data is consistently backed up and can be restored quickly
  • Security Operation Center Services
    Sleep well knowing your network is being monitored and managed by a team of security experts (SOC) 24/7
  • Vendor Management
    We will deal with your technology vendors for you
  • Requires a one year commitment - minimum order of 5 endpoints

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