Is your business prepared to handle a cyberattack or hacking incident?

Let Wolferdawg IT Consulting take the stress of protecting your digital fortress for you.

Protecting your digital house from a cyber-attack is what we do. This is how we protect your business:

Risk Assessment

Risk Assessment

We assess what is going on with your network and devices. Identifying risks to your network is the heart of it!

Downloading Software

Install Our Software

We install our remote access and monitoring software.

Network Monitoring

Monitor Your Network

We actively monitor your network to ensure all is well. Then we keep it that way.


This is how we do it (with more detail)

Did you know

75% of SMBs could not continue operating if they were hit with ransomware

Did you know

46% of all cyber-attacks are aimed at small businesses

Did you know

78% of business email compromise (BEC) involved fake CEO emails
Managed IT Services

Meet the Team

Managed IT Services

Dieter Wolf

Captain of the ship and Chief Visionary.

Managed IT Services

Brian Johnson

Chief Architect
Caretaker of the digital bridges and roads that a client’s data travels on within a company or between different locations.

IT Consulting

Joe Crandon

Tech Doctor
Keeps all the tech stuff working properly so our clients can do their jobs without any tech hiccups.

IT Consulting Services

Dennis Regacho

Systems Guru
Behind-the-scenes caped warrior making sure all the integrations work seamlessly, so our clients can do their jobs.

Schedule some time, find out how we can help your business.

The 2023 Managed IT Services Buyer’s Guide

Click the image below to download The 2023 IT Services Buyer’s Guide. A must have if your thinking of changing IT service providers.

Managed IT Services Buyer's Guide

On The Battle Front 2024

Have you ever lived in a small community where crime rates are so low that people genuinely feel comfortable leaving their front doors unlocked?

Now, as we sit on the verge of 2024, things are completely different in our digital world. Today you don’t just want a lock on your door, you want 3 heavy-duty locks that are bolted shut all the time. And an alarm. And cameras. And a huge security guy standing guard, complete with a very big scary looking dog on a chain.

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