What are DMARC, DKIM, and SPF?

DMARC, DKIM, and SPF function as vigilant security guards for your email communications, ensuring that only authorized individuals can send emails from your domain (@yourcompany.com).

Consider SPF and DKIM as the equivalent of ID badges or a wax seal on an envelope. These technologies verify that an email genuinely originates from the stated sender.

DMARC acts as the overseeing authority, determining the course of action if someone attempts to send an email without proper authorization. It instructs email servers on how to handle these suspect emails—whether to label them as spam, deliver them regardless, or block them altogether.

Without these protective measures properly configured for your domain (@yourcompany.com), there’s a higher risk of your emails being relegated to spam folders or not delivered at all. Additionally, it becomes easier for spammers to impersonate your identity.

To verify SPF records are setup correctly, click here.

To verify DKIM records are setup correctly, click here.

To verify DMARC record is setup correctly, click here.


For a more in-depth understanding here.

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