Copilot’s going to make your team work better together

Have you heard about Team Copilot yet? It’s the latest addition to Microsoft’s suite of AI tools and is expected to be available later this year.

Introducing Team Copilot: Elevating team collaboration

Think of Team Copilot as an advanced, AI-powered assistant designed to help your team work better together. While Microsoft’s 365 Copilot has been a personal assistant for individual tasks like drafting emails or recapping missed meetings, Team Copilot takes it to the next level by focusing on group activities. This new tool aims to streamline teamwork and enhance productivity across various collaborative tasks.

How Team Copilot can benefit your team

Team Copilot offers three main functionalities that can significantly improve your team’s efficiency:

1. Meeting facilitator

During a Teams video call, Team Copilot can take notes that everyone in the meeting can see and edit. It can also create follow-up tasks, track time for each agenda item, and assist with in-person or hybrid meetings when used with Teams Rooms. This feature ensures that all meeting details are captured and action items are clearly defined, making follow-up easier and more organized.

2. Group text chat assistant

In group text chats within Teams, Copilot can summarize lengthy conversations to highlight the most important information. It can also answer questions from the group, making it easier to stay on track and informed without wading through pages of chat history. This helps your team stay focused on key points and reduces the time spent on catching up with lengthy discussions.

3. Project manager

Team Copilot can help manage projects by creating tasks and goals within Microsoft’s Planner app. It can assign these tasks to team members and even complete some tasks itself, like drafting a blog post. It will notify team members when their input is needed, ensuring that everyone stays on the same page and project timelines are met.

Enhancing team productivity

You know that productivity isn’t just about individual work; it’s also about effective teamwork. By assisting with group-oriented tasks, Team Copilot can make significant improvements to your overall productivity. It helps ensure that meetings are productive, group chats are streamlined, and projects are well-managed.

Aiding, not replacing

It’s important to note that while Team Copilot is incredibly helpful, it doesn’t replace the role of a human meeting facilitator. It won’t lead meetings or ensure inclusivity, but it will create agendas, track time, take notes, and share files. It’s more of a business insights assistant, aiding in group interactions and meetings rather than censoring comments or keeping people in line.

Looking ahead

Team Copilot will be available in preview later this year for Microsoft 365 customers with a Copilot subscription. While it’s still a work in progress, the potential it has to transform team productivity is huge. Keep an eye out for its release and think about how it could fit into your workflow to boost your team’s productivity.

If you have any questions or need further assistance in understanding how Copilot can benefit your business, get in touch.


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