SentinelOne Control

$7.00 per endpoint/per month (minimum of five seats)

SentinelOne Control delivers multi-layered AI-powered endpoint protection. Specifically, it offers Static AI pre-execution protection for known and unknown file-based malware and offers Behavioral AI agent-side behavioral monitoring that covers any attack vector, including unknown exploits and bypass attempts of traditional anti-virus solutions.

Additionally, the Behavioral AI engine is built to detect and mitigate malicious code and scripts in documents. It is also capable of detecting fileless attacks and exploits. Moreover, Lateral Movement uses Behavioral AI to discover attempts coming from another device over the network.

Furthermore, SentinelOne Control offers attack remediation, cleaning all artifacts of a malicious attempt, including registry entries, scheduled tasks, and more. In addition, Rollback Revert returns an endpoint to its pre-infected state. Upon detection, SentinelOne can immediately stop the lateral spread of threats by disconnecting the infected endpoint from the network while still maintaining the agent’s connection to the management console.

SentinelOne Control + Ranger

$11.200 per endpoint/per month (minimum of five seats)

IoT Detection and Response – Introducing the industry’s first solution that turns every protected endpoint into a network of sensors, capable of identifying and defending against any IoT and connected device threat. Endpoints can now autonomously protect each other against vulnerabilities, rogue devices, and anomalous behavior across your network.

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