Windows 11 Moment 5 is here: Here’s what you need to know

Microsoft is set to release the much-anticipated Windows 11 Moment 5 update, also known as the “February 24 Moment.” This update marks a strategic shift, as Microsoft returns to a traditional annual update format for Windows 11.

Unlocking Windows 11 Moment 5: Essential Insights Unveiled

1. Stability and Predictability

After the Moment 5 update, users can anticipate enhanced system stability and a move away from frequent major overhauls. Microsoft’s shift to an annual update routine promises a more predictable experience.

2. Accessibility Improvements

Moment 5 focuses on improving Windows 11’s accessibility features, benefitting users dependent on these tools. Key enhancements include multi-monitor and multi-language support for Voice Access, introducing “voice shortcuts” for customized commands, and previewing new natural voices in the narrator feature.

3. Stylus Integration

A notable innovation allows users to directly input text using a stylus across the operating system, eliminating the need for a separate handwriting panel and enhancing the digital pen experience.

4. App Removal Option

In an unprecedented move, users can now remove certain in-box apps post-update, providing flexibility and decluttering options. Apps like Edge, Camera, and Photos can be removed for those who don’t require them.

The Windows Search pane becomes more versatile, integrating with third-party search providers like Google or Yahoo. Additionally, the Nearby Share feature now supports “friendly name” for easier file sharing, and Windows Spotlight is set as the default wallpaper.

6. Copilot and Widgets Board Updates

Copilot receives an “undock” feature for increased accessibility, and the Widgets Board undergoes modifications allowing users to disable Microsoft News integration and customize the widget layout. Third-party news services can now create plugins for integration.

7. Notepad Enhancements

Notepad receives a character count feature and an “Edit with Notepad” shortcut in context menus for specific file types.

8. Business Productivity

For business owners, these updates hold the promise of increased productivity and streamlined workflows. If you’re yet to transition to Windows 11, the Moment 5 update provides a compelling reason.


Windows 11 Moment 5 introduces a myriad of improvements, making the system more accessible, user-friendly, and adaptable. For assistance with upgrading, reach out to us – your Windows experience is about to get even better!

Moment 5 Update

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