+ What type of computers are supported?

We maintain and support Windows desktops and laptops. We require you to have Windows 11 Pro or Enterprise. If you don’t have Windows 11, we will help you upgrade during onboarding.

+ Is there a contract? Am I locked in?

The minimum term is a one year commitment paid monthly. Term will automatically renew at the end of the term year unless otherwise cancelled.

There is an early termination fee of $50/per month remaining if you cancel early.

+ What types of support are included?

We really do offer unlimited remote support, with all in-scope services found in our General Terms & Conditions for IT Support contract. The majority of day-to-day issues can be resolved remotely, however we do have on-site technicians available.

If we do need to send a technician on-site for a large project, a nominal dispatch fee and standard hourly rate applies.

+ Do I need to buy new hardware?

In most cases, the hardware (computers, switches, and router) you use now are fine. During the onboarding process, we will audit your hardware and determine which are underpowered or outdated. If found, we will prepare a list of recommendations and review them with you.

+ What if I hire or let go of an employee?

Your support licenses are scalable. When you hire a new employee, please call or email us to inform us of the new team member. In situations where you need to let an employee go, we ask that you contact us BEFORE you inform them of their release, so that we may secure their corporate data and update our support system.

+ Do you work on residential computers?

Sorry, no, we don’t do residential computers. We only support businesses.